Monday, November 12, 2012

How My Morning Started

My Monday morning actually started out fine.  Everything was running smoothly.  Then we loaded up to go to school.  I realized 'J' had driven my truck last and my keys were no where to be found. I always leave them in the same spot. I decided I'll just take his truck and look for the keys later.  However, Kort has parked so close to his truck that I couldn't get it out.  ('J' had already left for work in his company truck.)  Luckily, I remembered my spare keys. 

Despite that, I still had a wonderful Monday.  Look what I learned to make today.  (A big thank you to my daughter's doll for modeling the beanie for this picture!)


  1. Wow, he couldn't have parked any closer! So glad you found your keys. The beanie is really cute!

  2. I envy your ability to make that beanie. I love painting, but I am not great with knitting needles or crochet hooks.

    Glad you found your keys.

  3. That's a tight squeeze for sure. Glad you found a spare key!

    That little beanie is so stinkin' cute. I ♥ it!

  4. I wish I could paint. That would be awesome. Thanks for stopping by.